Our volunteers are busy!

Volunteers have been busy keeping our building clean, the gardens beautiful, and the birds fed.

Here are some of the activities volunteers worked on so far in 2017:

  • Cleared¬†brush along trails and driveway
  • Repaired outdoor furniture
  • Monitored bluebird boxes
  • Installed a new sign
  • Removed the old sign and used it to shade the insect collection
  • Hosted student groups, including a group of college student from Japan
  • Hosted the spring Open House, with invited speaker Dwight Wilson
  • Hosted volunteers from Cooper Tire for United Way’s Days of Caring
  • Hosted freshmen from UF for the Freshmen Orientation Service Project
  • Built two bee hotels
  • Presented to Town & Campus and the Lifelong Learning Connections program
  • Prepared newletters
  • Sealed our tree carving
  • Weeded and mulched gardens around the building

In addition, we accepted donations from the following organizaitions

  • H&M Motors (flourescent lights)
  • Platt Family (lattice for the patio)
  • Tractor Supply (bird feeders)

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