Join Us April 30 for a Buzzworthy Spring Open House

Join us Sunday, April 30, 1-3 p.m. at the Rieck Center for our Spring Open House – Befriending Bees!

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Did you know there are over 4,000 different species* of native bees in the United States, none of which are honey bees? The honey bee was introduced by European settlers and are, surprisingly, not the best at pollinating native plants. Honey bees do not know how to pollinate tomato or egg plant flowers and are very poor at pollinating pumpkins, cherries, blueberries and cranberries. While honey bees are remarkable and worthy of saving, their native counterparts are the rockstars of pollinating all of your native flowers, fruits and veggies. Many native bees are also solitary, which means they do not live in hives and are, therefore, more vulnerable.

The Big Picture

Bees pollinate approximately 75 percent of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown in the United States.*
On a larger scale, the world as we know it would not exist if there were no bees to pollinate the earth’s 250,000 flowering plants.*

What to Expect at the Open House

During this open house, attendees will learn about the different types of native and non-native bees, why they’re all important and how to help them survive.

Dwight Wilson, president of the Northwestern Ohio Beekeepers Association and director for the Ohio Beekeepers in Northwest Ohio, will present on the life of honey bees and the product we get from bees. He’ll also cover the importance of providing plants and trees for all pollinators.

Dwight has been beekeeping honey bees for over 40 years and currently has over 200 hives. He will provide informational handouts and names of trees and flowers that can be planted locally to help bees. He will also have FREE honey samples!

Additionally, you’ll learn how to make a bee hotel, a structure that helps attract and house native solitary pollinators. Bee hotels come in many shapes and sizes and you should be able to take what you learn back home to create a smaller version for your yard. Talk about a fun, educational and family-friendly spring project!

As with all of our open houses, you’ll also have the opportunity to tour the facility and the grounds located at 17311 TR 166, Arlington, OH 45814.

Directions: From Findlay, take Ohio 37 East. Cross Ohio 15 on the overpass and continue on Ohio 37 for 2 miles. Turn left onto Twp. Rd. 166 and travel 1.2 miles. The Rieck Center will be on your right.

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*Source: A USDA Forest Service and Pollinator Partnership Publication

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