Rieck Center Pond

On November 4, Ben Dolan was joined by volunteers from UF’s Wilderness Club and by Bob Sams, naturalist with Hancock Parks, to cut back cattails in the pond, which were threatening to overcrowd the bottonbush. While removing the cattails, Bob identified several wetland species that have established in the pond margin since reconstruction ended. The list is incomplete, and we have some invasive plants that need to be monitored, but here are some of the plants he identified:

Buttonbush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) Photo credit: Rufino Osorio, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5
  • cattail, narrow-leaf
  • soft-stem bulrush
  • Frank’s sedge
  • switchgrass
  • toad rush
  • path rush
  • willow (likely black)
  • heath aster
  • Canada goldenrod
  • Ohio goldenrod
  • cottonwood
  • blackeye susun
  • moneywort
  • indiangrass
  • big bluestem
  • tall ironweed
  • reed canary grass
  • unknown sedges (Carex and Cyperus spp.)

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